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systemagazin Zeitschriftenarchiv: Journal of Family Therapy Heft 4/2000
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Nwoye, Augustine (2000): Building on the indigenous: theory and method of marriage therapy in contemporary Eastern and Western Africa. In: Journal of Family Therapy 22 (4): S. 347-359.

abstract: This paper highlights the distinctive approach to marriage therapy in use by therapists in two regions of Africa. It illustrates that marital therapy in these two regions is based on role theory framework and follows, in its execution, the pattern of the judicial trial model. It traces adaptations made by contemporary marriage therapists to ensure that while building their present practices on this essentially indigenous/court-room trial model, they are able to remain open to outside influences from other models of marriage.

Riches, Gordon & Pam Dawson (2000): Daughters’ dilemma: grief resolution in girls whose widowed fathers remarry early. In: Journal of Family Therapy 22 (4): S. 360-374.

abstract: This paper explores how a widower’s early remarriage might complicate his bereaved daughter’s grief resolution. In some families the emotional and domestic responsibilities of the deceased mother may be shouldered by an elder daughter on behalf of the surviving males in the family. Utilizing some of the propositions in recent ‘new models’ of grief, we explore the particular problems of ‘conversational remembering’ among daughters whose fathers remarry soon after their wives’ deaths. Major difficulties may arise over conflicting perceptions of the role of the deceased mother within the new family system.

Dallos, Rudi & Louise Hamilton-Brown (2000): Pathways to problems - an exploratory study of how problems evolve vs dissolve in families. In: Journal of Family Therapy 22 (4): S. 375-393.

abstract: A social constructionist and a systemic lens are combined to consider the nature of the development of problems in families. An exploratory qualitative study is presented in which families were invited to discuss their constructions of the onset of difficulties and their subsequent progression. Qualitative data are presented from two groups of families: where there had been spontaneous recovery (SR) as opposed to where the problems were still current (PC). The findings suggest that a combination of factors, including helpful inputs in the form of practical assistance and non-pathologizing definitions can help avert descent into pathology. However, the ability of families to recognize and utilize positive inputs also appeared to be related to their available resources, including their ‘spare emotional capacity’. The findings lend some weight to the clinical view that early validation and support is essential for families to help them to utilize their natural self-healing capabilities.

Lange, Alfred, Charlotte van der Wall & Paul Emmelkamp (2000): Time-out and writing in distressed couples: an experimental trial into the effects of a short treatment. In: Journal of Family Therapy 22 (4): S. 394-407.

abstract: The results of a controlled experimental trial into an ultra-short protocolled treatment for quarrelling couples are reported. Fifty-five couples were randomly allocated to two treatment conditions and one waiting list/control condition. The treatment conditions focused on self-control by time-out including writing. In the interactional treatment the partners wrote letters to each other when they felt angry. In the individual treatment the partners were instructed to evaluate their own role in the conflict without sharing the writing with their partner. In accordance with expectactations, the quality of the relationship of the treated couples improved significantly compared to the waiting list control group. No differences were found between the two experimental conditions.

Byrne, Michael & Alan Carr (2000): Depression and power in marriage. In: Journal of Family Therapy 22 (4): S. 408-427.

abstract: To investigate the association between depression and power within marriage, fourteen couples in which the female partner was depressed were compared with fourteen non-depressed couples on a range of variables which assessed power bases, processes and outcomes, three domains identified in Cromwell and Olson’s (1975) analysis of marital power. Compared with non-depressed couples, those containing a depressed female partner had distinctive profiles, and a subset of the characteristics of these couples was uniquely associated with depression and quite distinct from the couples’ levels of marital satisfaction. The results are discussed in terms of theories of power in relationships and are seen to highlight the importance of including marital therapy as part of a treatment package for married women with depression.

Rivett, Mark (2000): The family therapy journals in 1999: a thematic review. In: Journal of Family Therapy 22 (4): S. 428-440.

abstract: This paper reviews the principal family therapy journals for the year 1999. Of the themes that emerged, ‘reaching out’ with systemic practice, developing a political edge, gender issues and developments in theory will be discussed. The paper concludes with a resume of the research reported in these journals for the review period.

Book reviews. In: Journal of Family Therapy 22 (4): S. 441-446.

abstract: Books reviewed: Dallos, R. and Draper R., An Introduction to FamilyTherapy: Systemic Theory and Practice Gill Gorell Barnes, Family Therapy in Changing Times Judy Hildebrand, Bridging the Gap, A Training Module in Personal and Professional Development Martin Mayne, Narrative Therapy: An Introduction for Counsellors

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